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  Nathan Caskey Email: / Website:
Wayne College 3D Lab Exhibit: The Wayne College Makerspace is a group of people, tools, services, and educational opportunities that encourage a community of discovering and making things. 3D design and digital fabrication via 3D printing and scanning technology is the focus of the makerspace. We will setup a 3D printer and explain the services available in the 3D Lab.
Bio: The Wayne College Makerspace is a group of people, tools, services, and educational opportunities that encourage a community of discovering and making things. 3D design and digital fabrication via 3D printing and scanning technology is the focus of the makerspace.
Address: 1901 Smucker Road
Orrville, Ohio, 44667

Greg Bilek Email: / Phone: 330-603-8103 / Website:
AC Gilbert Erector Set – Kits and working models Exhibit: I display vintage erector sets and have numerous models that ran during the show.
Bio: I am a mechanical engineer and had an erector set growing up. I now have been a member of the AC Gilbert Heritage Society for about 8 years and enjoy collecting the sets, restoring some of them to the original packaging when first sold and most important building models out of them. I have always enjoyed building things and with my mechanical background these erector sets are great.

The ACGHS promotes all the wonderful educational and scientific building sets that have been produced since 1913. I am happy to share this hobby with people of all ages.

Address: 11409 Clinton Road
Doylestown, Ohio, 44230

  Erica Cramer Email: / Website:
Knitted Dinosaurs Exhibit: Colorful handmade knit dinosaurs available. Can be made in your choice of colors. Also, learn some basic knitting techniques!
Bio: Erica has been knitting for 16 years, and learning about dinosaurs for even longer. She also really likes to travel.

  Tammy Daubner Email: / Phone: 330 683-1065 / Website:
Orrville Public Library Presents… Exhibit:Orrville Public Library presents: Our new Memory Lab, and A Galaxy of Good Books. Our new Memory Lab provides a space and equipment for community members to learn how to access, digitize and share old videos, audio recordings, photographs and slides. Visit our booth to find out how you can use our Lab to rediscover old memories. We will also be celebrating and promoting our upcoming Summer Reading program, A Galaxy of Good Books, with a hands-on activity: Galaxy play dough. Stop by to create your own star-studded universe with our play dough and get a recipe to make your own at home.
Bio: The mission of the Orrville Public Library is to: provide contemporary high interest materials, supply information for lifelong learning, offer a gateway to outside resources, stimulate young children’s interest in reading and learning, and supplement the educational needs of school-age children.
Address: Orrville Public Library
230 N. Main Street
Orrville, Ohio, 44667

Jodie Engle Email: / Phone: 614-297-2582 / Website:
Dear Ohio Exhibit: Helps gather stories and information from a counties community that can be shared to others interested in visiting their community or county.
Bio: The Ohio History Connection is traveling to all 88 counties over the next few years to hear Ohioans stories and learn what they value. Dear Ohio, is an internal organizational-wide project. Our goals are to provide opportunities for staff to connect with individual community members in every county while increasing and deepening relationships across the state.
Address: 800 E. 17th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio, 43211

  Drew Fuller /
Bruce Steiner
Phone: 330-669-7000 / Website:
WCSCC RAMTEC Exhibit: RAMTEC – Wayne County Schools Career Center’s newest program. Focusing on the needs of local industry, we offer both High School and Adult Education classes in Robotics, Automation and CNC Machining. Your future starts here!

Kody Greene Email: GRNEKDY@GMAIL.COM / Phone: 234-281-1182 / Website:
KRG Props & Replicas Exhibit: Star Wars & Iron Man life size props. 3D printing.
Bio: I am an 18 year old young man who is a cancer survivor. I became interested in robotics and star wars during my extended hospital stays. I enjoy making robotic replicas. I enjoy 3D printing. I enjoy ATV’ing with my father. I enjoy attending any type of event that will show my skills and crafts and learn from others. I also enjoy making people smile!
Address: 3560 Manningtree Drive
Copley, Ohio, 44321

Laura Grimm Email: / Phone: 614-297-2582
Planning a Trip to Mars – An Adventure in 5th grade STEAM Education Exhibit: Planning a Trip to Mars – An Adventure in 5th grade STEAM Education
Address: Dalton Elementary & Middle School
250 N. Church St.
Dalton, Ohio, 44618

Roche Harmon Email: / Phone: 330-417-2411 / Website:
Hiland High School Woodworking Projects Exhibit: Students will be displaying their woodworking projects they have made this school year. Some of the projects you will see include coffee tables, display tables, dressers, chess tables, gun racks, tables, and storage boxes.
Bio: Roche Harmon is currently the Industrial Technology Teacher at Hiland High School, which is part of the East Holmes Local School District, where he teaches woodworking and computer aided design. He is currently completing his 33rd year of teaching.
Address: 4400 SR 39
PO Box 275 Berlin, Ohio, 44610

Stephen Hinton Email: / Phone: 330-495-6502 / Website:
Pirates of the Rusty Cutlass Exhibit: We are pirate entertainers that educate people about nautical and pirate history.
Address: 2935 Baldwin Ave. S.W.
Canton, Ohio 44705

John Hosbach Email: / Phone: 330-753-0100 / Website:
Keene Village Plastics Exhibit: Village Plastics Co. is a precision manufacturer of thermoplastic 3D printing filament. The company offers an extensive product line and possesses manufacturing capabilities to extrude custom sizes, shapes and profiles to meet customer requirements for extruded products. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Norton, Ohio, with completely customized extrusion lines. Combined with in-house tooling capabilities, the company can provide cost-effective extrusion solutions. Delivering near perfect consistency, monitoring with laser micrometers gives Village Plastics Co. an absolute edge over the competition by providing a superior level of precision and quality at competitive prices. Village Plastics Co. is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to exceeding customers’ expectations.
Bio: Roche Harmon is currently the Industrial Technology Teacher at Hiland High School, which is part of the East Holmes Local School District, where he teaches woodworking and computer aided design. He is currently completing his 33rd year of teaching.
Address: 100 16th Street SW
Barberton, Ohio 44203

Jimmy Salgado Juarez Email: / Phone: 707-227-2539 / Website:
Sears think[box] Drop in Activity Exhibit: Join us at our maker table, where we will feature a hands on activity courtesy of the Case Western Reserve University Sears think[box].
Bio: Housed in an iconic seven-story facility at Case Western Reserve University, Sears think[box] is a world-class innovation center, makerspace and entrepreneurship ecosystem.
Address: Richey Mixon Building 11201 Cedar Ave
Cleveland, Ohio 44106

J.D. Keller Email: / Phone: 419-989-1823 / Website:
LEGO Earth Exhibit: LEGO Earth is a foldable map that transforms into a globe! Learn more, or vote to make this local creation an official set at Unique elements such as the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor, the Eiffel Tower in France, and a red snake posing as the Great Wall of China add character on the continental plates. Enjoy seeing your favorite food elements posing as islands in southeast Asia, but beware of the erupting Hawaiian volcanoes in the Pacific. Model builders will be taken by the ocean currents and accurate portrayal of real-world geography. Based on the foldable dymaxion map projection designed by two architects, R. Buckminster Fuller and Shoji Sadao, the map emphasizes the land bridges that connect the continents rather than the oceans that separate us. However, it is most loved for its artistically unique shape and its ability to transform into a globe. Learn more at
Bio: Land surveyor, map maker, husband, and father of three.
Address: 2338 County Road 775
Loudonville, Ohio 44842

  Steve Kitchen Email: / Phone: 330-465-2595
Flintknapping: part Geology, part History, and part Art. Exhibit: Demonstration of the art of flintknapping; you will see how Native Americans made stone arrowheads of flint from Ohio quarries. You will also see how the modern knapper can use these colorful pieces to create moving works of art called mobiles.
Bio: Steve has been flintknapping for 15 years. He has exhibited at many Art Fairs in Ohio and New York. He has regularly demostrated and taught flintknapping for the College of Wooster’s Archaeology Department. He is a retired banker and lives in Wooster, Ohio.

Sue Lackman Email: / Phone: 330-683-1065 / Website:
Warm Up America! Orrville Exhibit: Learn to knit and crochet with Warm Up America! Orrville. Our volunteers are ready and able to demonstrate and teach basic techniques to get you started!
Address: Orrville Public Library
230 N. Main Street
Orrville, Ohio, 44667

  Joanne Lehman Email: / Phone: 330-749-4366
Write and Publish a Book Exhibit: Many people dream of becoming a published author. This is not an unrealistic goal if you’re willing to dedicate time and energy towards your dream. As an experienced author who has published books of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, I will give advice and guidance to would-be authors. Learn about the steps that will take you from that first creative impulse, to developing a manuscript, to finding a publisher (or self-publishing), and finally, to marketing your book to its potential audience.
Bio: Joanne Lehman teaches English Composition and Literature courses at University of Akron Wayne College. She holds a B.A. in Communication Arts from Malone University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Ashland University. She has published three books of poetry, most recently FOUNTAIN NOOK published by The Orchard Street Press, ltd. Her poetry chapbook MORNING SONG won the 2004 Wick Poetry Prize from Kent State University. In addition to poetry, Joanne has published a novel and a book of creative nonfiction. She is currently working on a novel targeted to the Inspirational Fiction/Woment’s Fiction market. During her five decades as a writer, Joanne has published numerous articles and poems in local newspapers, religious periodicals, and literary magazines. Joanne and her husband Ralph are lifelong residents of Wayne County.
Address: 1344 Stratford Way
Wooster, Ohio 44691

Elliott Liggett Email: / Phone: 330-417-2411 / Website:
Observation of Nuclear Particle Tracks in a Peltier Cooled Cloud Chamber Exhibit: This cloud chamber project was constructed using Peltier devices, a power supply and heat sink typically found in desk top personal computers. Condensation tracks from naturally occurring nuclear particles can be readily observed in the chamber.
Bio: Retired Chemist, Engineer, Interests: Electronics, Nuclear Physics, High Voltage, Machine Shop, CNC Gem Stone Cutting

  Kristin Lorson Email: / Phone: 330-988-0171 / Website:
Painting with Kristin Lorson Exhibit: Kristin teaches acrylic painting for private parties and Heartland Point, starting with basic lessons. She has been creating beautiful, personalized artwork and logos for 26 years in this area and can ship her designs anywhere.
Bio: Kristin teaches acrylic painting for private parties and Heartland Point, starting with basic lessons through advanced. She has been creating beautiful, personalized artwork and logos for 26 years in this area and can ship her designs anywhere. Kristin also creates murals, t-shirt designs, illustrations, and other works. Kristin’s art is one of a kind, thoughtful, and breathtaking!
Address: 727 McGill St.
Orrville, Ohio, 44667

Abigail Morgan Email: / Phone: 330-949-7553 / Etsy: ACraftyCreationShop / Instagram: A_Crafty_Creation
A Crafty Creation Exhibit: I will be bringing my full stock to this show. My stock include Christmas bulbs, earrings, rings, hair clips, clay charms big and small, clay food snakes, clay snake necklaces, clay beads, keychains, mini snow globes, Christmas things like present toppers and ornaments, clip on earrings, and wreaths.
Bio: I am in 7th grade at Orrville Middle School. My friends and family would describe me as outgoing, funny, a people person. I love interacting with every single customer and showcasing my work. I think this show is a perfect opportunity for both. I have been working with clay for almost one year. I handmake every charm and I love doing custom orders. I am a straight A student and I care about academics. In my free time, I play with and walk my dog, do clay art of course, and go shopping with my mom.
Address: 18556 Back Massillon Road
North Lawrence, Ohio 44666

Vicki Prunty Phone: 330-439-9379 / Website:
Acrylic Painting for Beginners Exhibit: My name is Vicki, and I’m fairly new to painting. I never thought that I was creative. Once I let go of my fears and realized it was just a matter of practice and I learned how to paint! I’ll show you how easy it is.
Bio: I have been painting for just a little over a year. I am 42 years old and work full time at the Orrville Area United Way. Currently, I attend the University of Akron for a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Urban Studies – Non-Profit. Painting helps me relax and I love to share my love of painting with others.

  Dick Radosevic Email: / Phone: 330-704-7737
Renewable Energy & Sustainability, The Future is Bright! Exhibit: 1. Trailer with 8 PV Panels. (about 10′ x 20′ space), 2. Electric Vehicle (Volt) plugged into above trailer. (about 10′ x 20′ space). Demonstrates the size of a Solar PV system to provide a 10,000 mile capability. 3. 10′ x 20′ shelter for: (use 2 large tables), A. Small Fuel Cell to Water cycle (table top) demo, B. Small Sun driven Sterling Engine (3D printed) (table top) demo?, C. Charts describing how various renewable energy system work and how to size them. Note: I need to confirm availability of the Trailer with the panels and further evaluate the probability of having the Sterling engine on time.
Bio: Retired Electrical Engineer. Education: BS from the University of Cincinnati, College of Engineering. Other than CoOp experience, worked at one location in Akron, OH for Goodyear Aerospace, Lorel Defense Systems and Lockheed Martin. Worked in the defense industry on Simulation Systems, large scale Parallel Processors and Underwater Systems. Have been a Volunteer for Green Energy Ohio (GEO) coordinating the local GEO Annual Solar Tours for 7 years. Was the GEO Volunteer of the Year for 2014.

  Barry Romich Email: / Phone: 330-464-7877 / Website:
Romich Foundation Exhibit: Romich Foundation operates a small free community (Creston area) makerspace that includes laser engravers, CNC routing, TIG welding and other technologies. The Maker Faire display will include photos and items fabricated in the makerspace.
Bio: Barry Romich is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Engineering. He is a serial entrepreneur and is an avid supporter of making. In addition to Romich Foundation work and operating the makerspace, he recently participated in a CNC router construction workshop. Current interests include learning Arduino, adding grid failure battery backup to his residence, and planning an expanded makerspace in which the only utility will be Internet. Barry’s interest in energy sustainability is evidenced by a 10 plus KW grid tie solar PV array, a plugin hybrid electric vehicle and various local charitable initiatives. He is a multi engine instrument rated private pilot with about 2000 hours flying time, but no longer flies and has enjoyed motorcycle riding.
Address: 13875 Cleveland Road
Creston, Ohio, 44217

John Roncone Email: / Phone: 330-417-2411 / Website:
Fun Fitness Obstacle Course! Exhibit: Fun Fitness Obstacle Course! Four passes to the course…it will encompass cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength & endurance, agility, speed, coordination, balance and of course, a smile! Will you have the best time to beat!?
Address: Wayne College 1901 Smucker Road
Orrville, Ohio, 44667

  Christopher Ryan Email: Remotely Piloted Aircraft Exhibit: Remotely piloted aircraft are aircraft that do not have a pilot on board. There are many types, several of which I will be exhibiting. There may also be a demonstration if weather permit. Bio: I have been flying Remote Controlled (RC) Aircraft for almost 3 years now. I have a passion for teaching others how to fly. I am the Vice President of the Wayne County RC Club, and the founder of the Ohio Fixed Wing Racing group.

  Anthony Serpette Email: / Website:
Modular Origami

  Joe Shalala Email:
Design Challenges at Lincoln Elementary School Exhibit: Lincoln Elementary School 4th Graders have created a showcase of design challenges that we’d like to share with the Maker Faire community. Our goal is to inspire families and schools to provide design challenge opportunities to even more children.

  Adam Smith Email: / Phone: 330-801-6114 / Website:
Smartphone Spectroscopy Exhibit: Spectroscopy is simply the measurement of light. It is used in laboratories, but can also be used in the field to measure things like water purity. We will have several DIY spectrometers available for people to try. We will also introduce a citizen science project to measure nitrate concentrations in the Lake Erie watershed.
Bio: Adam W. Smith is a research scientist and chemistry professor. He applies fluorescence spectroscopy methods to problems in cell biology. In 2012 he started his own lab at the University of Akron, where he is currently an Associate Professor of Chemistry.
Address: 190 Buchtel Commons
University of Akron
Akron, Ohio 44303

Denver Steiner Email: / Phone: 330-317-1964
Ventrac Robot Club Exhibit: Robot Club was started to expose kids to Robotics, Programming, and Electronics. Kids as young as 6 and as old as 14 come with their parents to this weekly club held during the winter, and learn these concepts using Lego Robotics kits, Arduino, Rasberry Pi, programming in Minecraft, and more. Ventrac Robot Club is opened to children of Venture Products employees.
Bio: I am a Computer Programmer and a father. Finding good programmers is difficult in our county, so I’ve been doing what I can to share my love of programming with children, including my own.
Address: 500 Venture Dr
Orrville, Ohio 44667

  David Streen Email: / Website:
Zips Electric Racing Exhibit: We are an engineering student design team at the University of Akron (main campus). Every year, we design, build, and compete and all-electric, formula-style car. We compete against other university students from around the world each June.

  Sharon Tomassetti Phone: 330-264-2787
Wayne Center for the Arts Exhibit: Wayne Center for the Arts promotes artistic creativity, education and presentation for a collaborative, inclusive and vibrant cultural community. Come take a look at we have to offer you, your family, and your friends!
Bio: The mission of Wayne Center for the Arts is to enrich lives and strengthen communities through art. We strive to be relevant, accessible and affordable to all residents of Wayne County while providing services and programs that are of the highest quality. Our Core Values include providing professional, courteous, helpful service in an inspiring environment that reflects a high standard of quality, to ensure accessibility to programming that is creative and innovative at its core for all Wayne County residents, to strive to meet community needs and continually assess relevance of program offerings and to maintain a flexible and open approach to partnerships, space and audience.
Address: Wayne Center for the Arts
237 S. Walnut St.
Wooster, Ohio, 44691

  Jerry Troyer Phone: 330-763-4887 / Website:
Caddy-Pal Exhibit: Caddy-pal is a versatile caddy that can transport lawn chairs to your outdoor event and then flips over to be used as a handy little table for grilling, small child’s table,e.t.c.

Randall Westfall Email: / Phone: 330-464-1451 / Website:
Beekeeping Exhibit: Demonstrate the art of beekeeping thru literature and an observation hive (colony of Honey Bees inside a glass case). There is no safety issue for the Honey bee display as the Bees will be in a sealed box with glass to allow viewing.
Bio: Tri-County Beekeepers Association Inc (TCBA) Is an organization with education at the center of its mission. We strive to educate the public as well as fellow beekeepers.
Address: Tri-County Beekeepers Association Inc.
PO Box 1212
Wooster, Ohio 44691

  Ron Wilson Email: / Phone: 440-843-1332
Tandy Leather Exhibit: Stop by our Tandy Leather booth and get reacquainted with leather crafting or start a new, amazing hobby as well as make your own leather bracelet to take home!
Address: Tandy Leather
6863 Southland Dr.
Middleburg Heights, Ohio, 44130