Earlier this year, the 3D lab made a road trip to the Rittman Historical Society, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that exists to preserve and share the history and heritage of Rittman Ohio and the surrounding area.  William Doyle first settled the Rittman area in 1815, through a presidential land grant. Land for the cemetery had been donated by Doyle, and a school and non-denominational church were built nearby.  Knupp’s Old Church (named because the road to it ran across Jacob Knupp’s farm) was recently restored and stands today as a stately reminder of the area’s history; it is maintained by the Rittman Historical Society.

We demonstrated our portable 3D printer at this historic church, talked about area makerspaces (such as the 3D Lab and the Schantz Makerspace), and the importance of supporting “makers” in our community.  The church was restored to excellent condition and could be improved further with period-correct metal door hardware fabricated with 3D modeling and laser sintering, for example.  It was a well received visit and attendees were fascinated with the 3D printed whistle being made that evening.

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