At the Wayne County Mini Maker Faire last year, J.D., Rob, Jeff, Don, and others built an exciting attraction for the event, a belt sander drag strip!  We first spotted one of these high-speed, barely safe racetracks at the Detroit Mini Maker Faire a couple of years ago.  I can’t remember the length, but the photos below look like at least 45 feet of track, joined together with screws and 3D printed board joiners that Rob invented himself.  The belt sanders (provided by The Schantz Organ Company and others) were hardwired to be “on” by default.  The race starts by connecting their power cords to an outlet at the same time.  And what races they had!  A straw bale was placed at the end of the track to arrest these screaming demons.

We hope for the return of Belt Sander Races for Maker Faire 2019 and whatever else the Schantz Makerspace folks cook up.

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